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Hello there Jenni Donohoo!

Publicerat: Skribent: Anna Singhateh
Porträttbild på Jenni Donohoo.
Hello Jenni Donohoo, researcher, five-time best-selling author and professional learning facilitator! You are the keynote speaker at this year’s Pedagog Malmö live event, what is your lecture going to cover?

It’s such a pleasure to be the keynote speaker at your event. During the lecture we will look at how teachers’ beliefs impact student learning and how together, teachers have incredible power to make a difference in the lives of their students. When teachers feel a sense of efficacy, they have greater job-satisfaction, higher expectations, and they get better results. During the lecture, we’ll explore why this is so and how teachers can work together to realize collective impact.

Why did you accept the offer of speaking at Pedagog Malmö live and share your knowledge and research with teachers in Malmö?

I love speaking to a teacher audience. I am a former classroom teacher. Teachers are in a great position to realize improvements in schools and classrooms. Successful and sustainable improvement can only be accomplished by and with teachers – I am thrilled to address the teachers at this conference.

What new insights, thoughts and/or feelings do you hope the participant will take away from the lecture?

I hope the participants will feel empowered and inspired. I hope the participants take away from the lecture what can be accomplished when they pool their wisdom, experience and expertise to solve dilemmas of practice. And I hope they feel a sense of urgency to act on what they learned.

Do you have any message to the teachers in Malmö?

I look forward to our conversation on March 16th.

Jenni föreläser live kl 11 den 16 mars. 

Du kan förbereda dig genom att titta på Sara Unogwus introduktionsföreläsning, som ger en förförståelse till begrepp Jenni kommer prata om i sin föreläsning.


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