Lyndsay Nylander – En jämförelse mellan Sverigen, USAs och Japans skolsystem

Lyndsay Nylander.

You’ve probably seen lots of depictions of school life in the United States and maybe you’ve wondered about the reality behind yellow school buses, cheerleaders and unhealthy school lunches. Japan has been discussed in the media but we in Sweden know very little about what life is like for Japanese students and teachers. This lecture will attempt to separate fact from fiction and compare and contrast school systems in the United States and Japan from a Swedish perspective.

These are some of the areas which will be discussed: scheduling, school rules, grading, testing, administration, school layouts, parent/teacher conferences, school festivals and activities as well as teacher expectations and the treatment of teachers. The presentation will include a lot of pictures taken by myself or colleagues. You will be in for a lot of surprises! My hope is that you will not only feel more informed about different school systems but also inspired! Learning about others is often the best way to learn and reflect about your own culture.

Lyssna till Lynn på Pedagog Malmö Live! den 27 september. Och som du säkert gissat är föreläsningen på engelska.