AI and Education – unlock the power of AI in education

Logotypen för ChatGPT.
Andrew McAffe and Erik Brynjolfsson who both work/worked at MIT wrote a book in 2014 called the forth machine age.

In this book they said that the development on the internet was excpanding exponential and they tried to make the reader get a grasp of this by explaining that between 2014 and 2016 would the content on the internet double and as if that is not scary enough to understand – for the next 12 years (meaning from 2016 – 2028 it would multiply by a thousand.

That is hard take in but the only way for us to start understanding and be able to continue being active and democratic world citizens are to learn as much as we can about our digital world and AI together with others around the world in order to find ways of working together across borders so that we can support students in being active and democratic world citizens.

On the 9th of March we hosted a webinar about AI and Education where Dr Daithi O Murchu , Marco Neves, Siobhan Ryan,  Denis Healey talked about the possibilites with AI in Education and we got to try out some exercises. In this webinar participated persons from all over Europe who wanted to know more about AI and education. THe purpose of the webinar was to support teachers in what is coming in AI and how it will affect education and the callenging consequenses lying ahead of us. We hope to plan more webinars, courses and workshops to continue supporting teachers and others struggling to understand the power of AI and how to make good use of it.

We have all heard about ChatGPT and as Siobhan said at the webinar on the 9th of Match; ”ChatGPT is the worst AI we will ever see because from now on it will only evolve and get better and better”. This we will see proof of already in the coming week when GPT-4 will most likely be released. This model will introduce a new language model since it will be multimodal. This means that GPT-4 will be able to interpret both texty and images as opposed to ChatGPT which is only capable of producing texts. GPT-4 will also make it possible to produce videos which truly will mean a game changer for everything including education. Read more about GPT-4 here: GPT-4 will arrive next week and will be multimodal – Gearrice. 

The webinar really inspired me and I would like to summarize it through a poem about AI and education – I really feel ready to shoulder the challenge of AI in collaboration with everyone who feel the same:


AI and education, a match made in heaven,

The power of technology, to learn and grow even,


A world of possibilities, waiting to be discovered,

With AI, we can explore and uncover.


The classroom of the future, AI can transform,

Learning tailored to each student, becoming the norm,


Adaptive and personalized, teaching with ease,

AI can make education, a true masterpiece.


Across countries and cultures, we need to collaborate,

To share knowledge and best practices, and innovate,


AI can bridge the gap, and bring us closer,

To create a brighter future, for all to prosper.


AI can help us analyze data, and make sense,

Of the patterns and insights, that can be immense,


Predicting student success, and improving outcomes,

AI can help us achieve, our education goals, by tons.


But AI is not a substitute, for human touch and care,

Teachers and mentors, are still needed, everywhere,


To guide and inspire, and instill human values,

AI can supplement, but not replace, what they do.


So let’s embrace AI, and learn all we can,

Collaborate across borders, and take a stand,


For education and innovation, and a brighter future,

With AI and human potential, we can nurture.


Du you want to know more about AI and it’s potential in education? Then do not hesitate to register for the online MOOC called ”Unlocking the Power of AI run by European Schoolnet Academy:   

Would you like to join a study group for this MOOC and study the whole course together with others, then please fill in this link and I will see you there!